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Learn to Play Your Best Golf Now.
HAVE FUN while enjoying the game of a lifetime.

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Mark Paolini Golf Academy will only be available for a limited

ON DEMAND Instruction basis in 2016. 
Possible days open for ON DEMAND Instruction would be
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting sometime in April 2016.
When Black Horse Golf is Open, when Mark Paolini Golf Academy and Student can agree on a specific time.

Mark Paolini Golf Academy believes learning and playing golf is easy. We are committed to helping you learn and play the game to the best of your ability and to HAVE FUN while enjoying the game of a lifetime

Do you want to lower your score?

Wondering how you could putt like a pro?

Do you want learn the secrets to greenside greatness?

Want to knock it tight in the red zone?

See the short game experts!!!

Why concentrate on improving your short game?

70% of all strokes are less than a full swing

40% are on the green

30% are just off the green back to your full swing range

All Lesson Series can include Short game Lesson

Looking to get rid of that slice?

Hooking the ball too much off the tee?

Want to hit drives farther!

Black Horse Golf


Mark Paolini Golf Academy


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